Effects of Alcohol on your Sex Life

Believe it or not, sex and alcohol do mix together. In fact, they blend perfectly well that finding a partner in bed can start with buying a drink.

A shot or two of tequila in a pub could help you lose your inhibitions. It takes away your shyness and gives you that much-needed push to approach someone at the other end of the bar. Add a mug of beer to the mix and you can start romance rolling. Another gulp of vodka and your sex drive starts to rev up. A few nods and you are probably on your way to a place where you can be alone with your partner. Now even if your system is laced with alcohol, it is not an excuse not to be prepared. The rules of safe sex still apply even if you have had a few drinks. So bring a condom or contraceptives before you step out of your house and out to the pub.

Being slightly drunk or tipsy does not also mean that you get to automatically play out any of your wild fantasies. If you are into acrobatic sex positions, for instance, make sure that your partner is willing to try them out before you start your act. Too much alcohol intake, on the other hand, would have an adverse effect on your sexual performance. If you are too drunk to do your thing, then you might pass out even before you reach orgasm.

Lastly, though alcohol can help boost your confidence when it comes to sex, you should only drink it in moderation in order not to fully enjoy your bedroom adventures.